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Oh Dr. King: Please Forgive Your Children

Why is Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday second only to Black Beach Week in terms of all the inappropriate ways we can think of to celebrate a holiday? Plus, Whitney Houston's long lost tribune to the civil rights leader.

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Bobby Brown’s Latest Video, And The Allure of “Low Budget”

It’s hard out here for an indie music artist. Without a label to back you, you have to create the promotional materials to sell your work yourself. Luckily, the new wave of DSR cameras give people access to quality images at a fraction of the price of using film. Hell, even iPhone cameras create pretty good looking video, right?
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Gang of Roses 2: How NOT to do a Crowdfunding Campaign

UPDATE: One of my readers informed me that the page has been removed. A cache version of it can be found here for a limited time:

I came across the IndieGogo campaign for “Gang of Roses 2” after reading on an entertainment website that Amber Rose had been added to the cast of the movie. A Google search yielded the IndieGogo page for the project, which can be found here: (inactive as of 3:18pm EST, 7/28/2011)

These are some of the issues I noticed about this campaign: