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The Corners and Classrooms of Chicago-#FreedomTeaches

2014 April 9

the corner still

This post is a part of the “Freedom Teaches” series, where I post my reflections on teaching video production in the alternative schools of Chicago. 

“The Corner” is a recently restored documentary about the early days of Chicago’s Vice Lords street gang. Filmed in 1963, it is astonishing in both what has changed since that time for many young black men that get involved in gang life, and what has not.

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Five Success Lessons I’ve Learned From Beyonce

2013 December 18
by Chakka Reeves

beyonce success

The last few weeks of 2013 have been a serious time of reflection for me, and I’ve had plenty of material to reflect on. First, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone December 2013 forecast for Scorpio says that from December 7 2013 to July 25 2014, I will benefit from working on a semi-secret project (which I do have in progress :)) . Then, Shelley Prevost wrote an amazing article on about how to distinguish your calling from your ego.

Then, on Friday, December 13th, Beyoncé releases an album with no marketing and almost no warning. The sheer genius of having no marketing be your marketing is compelling, but Beyoncé has taken various steps in her career to get to the very top of not just pop music, but global pop culture. I’ve been thinking about these steps all week, and I’m happy to report that they are steps we can all take. read more…

Setbacks Set Thundercat Ahead

2013 December 11

Thundercat Apocalypse Song: (tie) Heartbreaks + Setbacks/ Tron Song

Artist: Thundercat

Album: Apocalypse

Thundercat’s (ne: Stephen Bruner) and Flying Lotus’s jazz and p-funk-inspired synth sounds shine on  Apocalypse, a strikingly somber album. Fans of Thundercat’s 2011 release Golden Age of the Apocalypse will hear and feel the absence of the keyboard sounds on Apocalypse, which were the work of the late Austin Peralta, who died in 2012. read more…

#FreedomSongs2013 Day Six- Justin Timberlake’s Vision

2013 December 10

Justin Timberlake

 Pusher Love Girl

Artist: Justin Timberlake

Album: The 20/20 Experience, Vol. One

Listen Here:

Justin Timberlake – Pusher Love Girl

Oh Justin. When I played “Pusher Love Girl” in the car for my friend a few months ago, she said, “Oh, yeah, I forgot JT put out an album this year.” A lot of people were thrown off by “Suit and Tie,” JT’s 2013 collaboration with Jay-Z, and then “Blurred Lines” hit the radio waves this spring and, well, we know the rest. How does that happen, with a national tour and a track record like Timberlake’s?

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#FreedomSongs2013 Day Five: Dontcha Love The Internet?

2013 December 9


Song: Dontcha

Artist: The Internet

Album: Feel Good

I’ve discussed my fandom of Odd Future as a collective in previous posts (here, here and here), and with 2013′s Feel Good, Odd Future’s resident DJ, producer and sometimes vocalist Syd the Kyd and partner Matt Martians show that their skills are quickly catching up with their good taste. Their 2011 release Purple Naked Ladies had some solid tracks, but FG is a way more cohesive album. “Dontcha” is a seriously groovy, percussion-heavy romp that would make Jamiroquai proud. read more…

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