It’s the 5 o’clock free chicken give-away!


I have a hard time understanding why a public figure who is known for wanted people to live their “Best Life” and who has been public with her struggles with weight would sponsor a free chicken give-away.

Sean  from breaks it all the way down so I don’t have to, but keep this in mind folks:  Getting the first one for free is a tactic that crack dealers use too.

Stay healthly, read labels and use your head.


3 thoughts on “It’s the 5 o’clock free chicken give-away!

  1. snishpefs

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  2. Brorkdiek

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  3. Kris

    Ok what has this negro done for the country aside from post this whack ass video. …he’s going bonkers— hell I’m going bonkers right now. Oprah can’t win!!

    These ingredients have been in the food since the conception of KFC along with other fast food chains who use the same ish- damn it people can know all this but they’re not going to stop eating the chicken not going to stop eating the beef, fish, MSG, ABC, 123…If anything mfas probably like “This some good ass Mono whatever the hell!”

    So just because now Oprah has given the food away for free, to mfas who were going to eat the ish regardless of if it was free or not, now its a problem. Like people don’t have a got damn choice to not eat the damn chicken! People don’t have a choice not to clog up there damn arteries with KFC, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, Krispy Kreme, White Castle’s, Taco Bell???….Obviously no one gives a F&*^!

    KFC had the ingredients available plain as day they aren’t hiding anything- dude is giving free pub to the ingredients list- what difference does this dude pointing this shit out make? What difference? The information has always been available and people have always had and still have a choice to eat or not to eat the food. I swear if battery acid was an ingredient people would still eat it and feed it to their families.

    I was going to donate my coupon cause I don’t really eff with KFC to tough anyway and the grill marks look a little sketchy to me lol…Anyway if people cared there would be more guidelines and regulations on the health of the animals and the ingredients used but no one does. So it’s up to the individual to make that decision. It’s not Oprah’s fault. But hey someone always has to pass the blame. Can I get a side order of blame with my 2pc please!~

    Girl you got me revved up today! LOL 😀


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