Oscars vs. Grammys


As I mentioned in a previous post, I really enjoyed the Oscars last night. Apparently, the new format wasn’t enough to jolt ratings, and this TIME article talks about how the show can draw the public’s interest again.

How to Fix the Oscars: Make the Votes Public – TIME.

I don’t agree with the author the Oscars  should turning into some American Idol-esque smorgasbord of public voting. Award shows should highlight quiet achievements as well as commercial successes,

It appears that the Oscars have the opposite problem that the Grammys do: The Oscars have a habit of choosing good films that few people have heard of, and the Grammys rarely chooses album/songs that are people haven’t heard of  (the is especially a problem for the Hip Hop/Rap category. Lil’ Wayne and T.I. are talented, but no Black Milk? Foreign Exchange? Even Scarface had a good album this year).

How can the Oscars and Grammys improve? Share your thoughts.

What do you think?