The 2009 Oscars: Not Bad

Oscars 2009 Slumdog
Slumdog Millionaire won almost every category it was nominated in, including Best Picture, and I’m happy that I won’t need to boycott the show like I threatened to if the movie didn’t win that category.

This year’s Oscars definitely had a younger, multicultural vibe to it, which was refreshing. I watched the whole show and didn’t notice it was four hours long. A few personal highlights for me:

* Will Smith’s flub and off-handed “Boom, goes the dynamite” reference. it appears that Will Smith is a Youtube freak like myself.
Here’s where the reference comes from (fast forward to 2:30):

*The Slumdog/Wall-E Best Song medley. It was exciting and joyous, and Fatima Robinson choreographed it! MULTICULTURAL!

*Hugh Jackman, with his cute self, doing the recession opening.

*Ms. Tina Fey and Steve Martin. Tina is my nerd girl idol and Steve Martin is still funny and relevant.

*Sophia Loren. Over 70 and on super-swag status. Whatever it is, she needs to bottle it and sell it.

*Both “Milk” acceptance speeches. The passage of “Prop 8” is a shameful blemish on our democratic history, and Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black didn’t allow the public to forget it. BRAVO!

A few snags:
* The “return of the musical” thing with Beyonce. For someone who performs as well as Beyonce, she seemed a little out of place.

*Jack Black’s joke about Dreamworks. It’s was funny, but it felt awkward.

*Kunio Kato’s “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto” joke. Cooning hurts me, even if it’s not my culture. Rise above, man. Rise above.

In short, this was the most social justice friendly Oscars I’ve every seen. I hope it’s a sign of things to come.

What do you think?