5 thoughts on “Vlog: Why I Don’t Care About Interracial Relationships

  1. Myk Dyaleks

    Very good post. Happy that it’s been addressed. The entire understanding of ppl opening their minds to the fact that we are not locked into dating our own race is freeing. Nothing seperates us but our own limitations, which we already put on how high we can reach, or the type of ppl we can be. Good to know there are others growing as appose to being narrow minded and stagnant.


    1. Free Reeves

      Thanks for checking it out!


  2. Free Reeves

    Thanks for reading Kiah. I know that being valued by men who share our experience is important, but I just don’t think it’s an “issue” that’s really preventing Black people from having sustainable relationships.


  3. Kiah

    Well said. The best way to combat “mixed feelings” about interracial relationships is to love yourself and celebrate the goddess in you first. Makes the rest totally irrelevant. If your light is shining bright, then anyone who cannot recognize that is not someone you should be with anyway. Regardless of race.


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