For Amy: Death and Re-birth

The death of Amy Winehouse hurt many music lovers, myself included. When she passed this summer, many people chimed in about her induction into the 27 club, a group of prolific creatives who died at the age of 27. While doing some research on this, the wikipedia entry I found refers to “Saturn Return,” the period of time between the ages of 27 and 30 when the planet Saturn is in the same spot it was in when you were born. This period of time represents a re-birth of sorts, but as religion and mythology have taught us, you have to have a “death” before you can have a “re-birth.” If you’re fortunate, this death is identity-based. An aspect of how you identify yourself, whether it be a job, a relationship, a circle of friends, goes away or diminishes in a jarring way. A way that makes the person sit up and take stock of their lives.

27 was definitely a year like this for me. One of the reasons that I named my production company “Eighth House Creative” (other than the fact that I am proud Scorpion) is because the eighth house of the zodiac is one of death and re-birth, among other things. It may seem like a morbid start to an enterprise, but it is just the opposite. It is an acknowledgment that in order to allow things in and to create the new, you have to let go of what is old and not working. It is a principle that I follow in my personal life, and one I follow in my professional one as well. My company will always be open to change and transformation. Change, after all, is the only thing in life you can depend on.

Unfortunately, this death for members of this ill-fated club was physical. I just wish the Amys, Jimmys, Janices, Basquiats and Kurts, our most talented and burdened souls, could have made it to the other side of this cycle.

Below is one of my favorite Amy Winehouse songs, “In My Bed.” Like Amy, I also missed a Nas performance because of a goofy friend (see: Me and Mr. Jones),  I loved how they flipped “Made You Look” for this song, and she looked exceptionally beautiful in this video.


What do you think?