Oh Dr. King: Please Forgive Your Children


It never ceases to amaze me the variety of feelings I’m able to have at once when it comes to media. Hope. Joy. Fear. Cringiness (if that’s not a word, it should be).

I understand what went into this video. We Are The World had the music industry looking for the next hot celebrity cause carol. Hip-hop was growing in popularity, and Dr. Martin Luther King did so much for us, let’s honor him with a song! What could go wrong?

I feel like the fabled woman from the future, sent back to 1986 to issuing the following warnings:

1) Almost NO music from the 80s will age well, particularly anything with artists from the first wave of hip-hop (fight me on this if you must. Do you play “These Are The Breaks” at family BBQs? How about “Planet Rock?” Didn’t think so).

2) In order for rapping and singing to work together, the ratio has to be vastly uneven. 80-20. Even 70-30. But never have as much rapping in a song as singing.

3) The fact that Whitney Houston (RIP) did her part in front of a green screen should have told y’all something. Nippy ain’t have time for that!

Please enjoy this video and remember: Dr. King’s Dream was about people being judged on their character, not their color, creed or class. It was NOT, however, about the right to use Photoshop to do the debil’s work. I’m talking to you, party promoters.

Whitney Houston ‘n Dem-King Holiday


2 thoughts on “Oh Dr. King: Please Forgive Your Children

  1. ihsanamin

    Man, I do not miss this period of rapping/production.


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