Five Short Films and My Next Magic Trick

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on This entire time I’ve been thinking about posts I want to write, but my perfectionist-rooted procrastination has reached epic heights. The purpose of this post is not only to share a brief update with my much-appreciated readers, but it is also an attempt to break the shackles of perfectionism that have prevented me from committed to a regular writing and publishing habit.

Since the last time I posted on, I’ve done the following:

  • Deleted all my photos from Instagram (I’ll explain why in a future post).
  • Wrote a post on Medium about why Kendrick Lamar’s call for self-love shouldn’t be dismissed as being “new black” (gosh I hate that phrase. Seriously. Again, if I have the strength, I’ll write about why in a post).
  • Had several breakthroughs/breakdowns related to teaching (I’ll explain in a future post, and in more detail, in a memoir one day).
  • Created a sisterhood of women who believe in a feminine-centered approach to health, wellness and spirituality (another post, perhaps another blog).
  • Have decided to embark on a creative project, and made some serious life changes in order to do so (as for when I’m going to make with the details, if your guess was “…in a future post,” you is right!).

In the meantime, to inform my latest creative project, I’ve been looking at several short films (*HINT*). My research will continue, but I wanted to share some of the short films I’ve been enjoying lately.

The Crush (2011) by Michael Creagh. Running Time: 14:58
I first saw this short as a compilation with the other Oscar-nominated live action shorts of 2011. This tale of a schoolboy’s innocent crush on his teacher is simple, powerful and has a great dramatic twist.

This Is It (2013) by Alexander Engel. Running Time: 2:56
Funny and clever, with excellent direction, it manages to sum up all the effery that comes with having a roommate in under three minutes.

The Black Hole (2008) by Phil and Olly. Running Time: 2:48
The shortest short on my list so far, it is also the most haunting. See what happens when a man finds out that one of his copies is so much more.

The Purge (2014): The Morning After by Johnny Ray Gill. Running Time: 5:57
By far the funniest short I’ve seen in this batch. Actor, writer and filmmaker Johnny Ray Gill takes a hilarious perspective on a pretty effed-up concept (The Purge= A day when any crime can be committed without punishment) by asking the question: What happens the day after?

Dinner with Holly (2014) by Josh Crockett and Daniel Sinclair. Running Time: 10:36

Mature Content and Language. This look at how one couple plans to deal with the mundanity in their sex life has some great unexpected laughs.

Your turn: If you know of a short that I just have to watch, please let me know in the comment section or on Twitter.

Thanks to Shorts of the Week for the majority of these shorts. Thanks to Youtube for the rest.

What do you think?