MUSIC: Steve Lacy – Dark Red


In 2016 the members of the music group The Internet announced that 2017 would be the year that each member of the group released a solo album. Fin by lead vocalist Syd came out in early February, delivering on much of the singing and songwriting that I love about The Internet, but striking a more studio feel on the production-side, missing much of the great instrumentation provided by Syd’s bandmates.

This instrumentation is not absent from Steve Lacy’s single “Deep Red,” from his solo album Steve Lacy’s Demo, due out on February 24th. Lacy’s bouncy guitar licks would fit well behind the Ike and Tina Turner Review, while the synth and drums save it from being a throwback, firmly placing it next to my favorite The Internet songs like “Dontcha”, “Get Away”, and “Palace/Curse.”

As of this writing, I’ve played “Deep Red” about 40 times in a row. It makes me excited for the other solo efforts from this supergroup, and reminds us that while Syd may be the lead, she is not the group’s only star.

What do you think?